Serious as a hadattack (hadattack) wrote in shed_weight,
Serious as a hadattack

Bad mod...bad, bad mod...

I feel horrible. It isn't like the holidays aren't hard enough, and then tonigh, while at the gym (the only time this week, eek), I remember about this community.

Honestly, my head is just so full, I can't remember anything. Between Christmas lists, and sick grandparents, and general drama, I have been neglectful in my duties. For that I am sorry.


This week, I want a post from EVERYONE about one good thing that has happened since starting this challenge.

Let's leave it at that. I don't want to have anyone start focusing on the negatives, especially for the next three weeks.


My good news is I am down another pound. 5 more pounds until I hit the top end of my range. yea me.
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