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Introduction Post...

Name: Emily
location: East Lansing, MI
age: 25
weight loss goal: Maintain a weight closer to 135 lbs, get stronger and more fit.
fitness goal: Run 5 miles without blowing out my knees, get back into rock climbing (so strengthen upper body quite a bit along with working on balance and flexibility)
current weight: Not entirely sure - close to 160 maybe?
current activity level: Pretty low.  I work at a computer company so spend all day sitting down.  I belong to the Y, but we recently moved and it's a much longer drive now so I haven't been going.  I walk several times a week, but that's it.
body fat ratio (if known): No idea.  I'm 5'6" so BMI is definitely overweight range
why do you want to improve your fitness: My stays don't fit!  No really, I feel stronger and more confident when I'm active - I can look at pictures of me when I was living out in Seattle climbing and hiking all the time vs pictures of me in the past year...the difference is amazing.  I also do a lot of costuming and living history and hate fitting around my heavy body.  And my stays (an 18c support garment/corset that I wear for living history events) have to be laced a wee bit too tight for my gowns to fit correctly. I'm a big fan of being able to breathe... 

edited: caught a few spelling mistakes. :)

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