Sharon (intothenite) wrote in shed_weight,

I've survived Thanksgiving!

I've managed to maintain my 3lbs loss (which makes me currently 157lbs) over Thanksgiving, and another big dinner on Sunday with just my Dad and brother. I'm currently averaging 5 days a week at the gym, and can now jog a mile either around the track or on the treadmill (when I first started on the treadmill jogging 5 minutes was near impossible!)

I need to push myself more on cardio, slowly working up to being able to jog 2miles. I'm currently on weight watchers (again) and have come up with some very yummy dishes that are very healthy and point friendly. Changing portion size and HOW I prepare food has helped incrediably...I also eat multiple meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism going (small meals, for example fat free yogurt would constitute a meal).

I also need to get into a more formalized weight/strength training regimine...right now I use universal machines and free weights, but not on any scheldule. I think I could benefit a lot more by writing down which machines I use when, at what weight, and how many reps. I'm considering bringing in a small notebook to the gym to help me keep track.

I hope everyone fared well this holiday!
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Deleted comment

sounds good by me....

Thank You! =)